When I moved to Norway, being a relatively new community and not having a dance partner to practice with I begin solo practices on a regular basis.  Of course after understanding my own body better and understanding how to connect to the ground in the most efficient way, I really missed having the feeling of stretch so I hooked up one of my workout bands to the door and sometimes to the trees on my front yard to practice stretch and anchors, but it still didn´t fully give the effect of WCS, although I often demonstrated with them in classes and privates to give the visual understanding, but finally the right bands came into my life spontaneously. 


One weekend trip teaching in Montpelier changed the game, it was some simple rubber bands with velcro in the hotel that was holding our bedsheets together and I just put them in my suitcase at the end of the weekend to go along in my crafts drawer when I needed them but the first thing I did when I got home was hook them behind the door and BINGO, they gave me the most familiar WCS feel and Argo Bands were born